Lore of the Passion for Life


You were a match
struck upon me.
Within anticipating air we sparked
like flint.

And so I ignited
with the flame of desire,
exquisite anguish
spreading molten hot
between my thighs.

You entered me.
Unlocked me with your key.
Undid me.
Undid the buttons,
undid the strings,
bared me to my panties,
fingered wetness and lace,
opened the pink lips of my labia like a gate,
and came inside me.

You penetrated me.
You took me.
Made me tremble.
You were inside my mouth, inside my pussy, inside my ass,
inside my mind, inside my heart.
I found you inside my void,
an ephemeral imago.
I lay there naked, vulnerable, turned inside out to touch the edges of you,
to feel your skin against mine,
to smell the incense smoke in your hair.

You took advantage of me.
I was ripe like fruit;
lunch for a hungry ghost.
You bit my breasts, pressed the warmth of your tongue against my nipples, teased with your teeth.
We ate each other.
I sucked.
I swallowed.
But like a burning bush,
that burns in the radiance of the divine fire,
I was never consumed.

the moment of passion can be.
Mysterious and luminous
the stories of this life shine like many suns
over the darkness
of each heart’s nighttime.
And some are so good
that they become told
and retold,
smoldering in the recounting
like a wood stove warming the house,
and flaring, as their tinder is stoked,
to become lore,
long into the night…
until the fire goes out.

11 thoughts on “Lore of the Passion for Life

  1. Reblogged this on eroticapoetica and commented:

    This is the first poem that I published on this blog. It was an ode to a relationship that I thought was ending but still many months later has not ended. But I am feeling the sense of completion that I did back when I wrote this poem so I felt like sharing it again. Hope you enjoy.

    1. You hope we enjoy it? Are you kidding? This is magnificent. I can hardly believe I don’t have to pay for the right to read it, like purchasing a book. I believe it to be that good.

      1. The smile you can keep. However, my intention was not to flatter, but to honestly tell you what I think. I find your poetry exceedingly beautiful and inspired. I think its only right that I tell you so, especially since I intend to return time and again to enjoy it. Its the least I can do.

  2. Very beautiful. The way you write just makes me envisage the whole seduction unfolding slowly. It beckons me to want to imagine your reactions …. your expressions whilst all this was happening.

    Blessings x

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