Blow Me


Blow me, mold me, shape me,

into Woman,

poured into the glass of your hands

like rich hot chocolate.

Drink me in.

Eat me for dessert, bring me to your lips,

lick the bowl

of sweetness between my hips.

Cup your hands around my ass,

carefully, delicately,

break me open, hard and wide,

then smooth me

with a caress.

Drape your manhood around the soft curves of my body

for me to hold like a warm blanket

through incandescent winter nights.

I will tell tales in my dreams

for you to finish.

Like glass is formed from grains of sand,

so is a story formed,

from many tiny moments,

all crystallized within the raging heat

of the heart’s workshop.

So blow me, my dear glassblower,

into the shape

of your desire

and I will blow you.

12 thoughts on “Blow Me

  1. I absolutely love this poem! It’s all around teasing and performance piece. Glad you visited my blog. Will be following yours from now on.


    1. I’m sorry I missed this offer of yours–time has not been kind to me at all. Yes, please, I’d like to read your Sufi poems. PS I’ve just browsed the category and couldn’t see any there.

  2. Who are you? No, I truly mean, who are you as a person? I really want to as lucky as your friends. The ones who see you; the ones truly blessed to listen to your voice while gazing at your body language & hand gestures; the ones who learn about all the normal hum-drum activities of your daily life (well, okay, not all of them, just a few that you enjoy sharing when you meet your friends in the street 😉 ; the ones fortunate enough to receive phone calls from you or have your number to call you once a week or twice a month, just to say “Hi Baby! What’s new?”.

    That’s what is worth living for & waiting for each day. Yes, I have that in my life, too, but I always have room for more friends like you, to laugh, smile, cry, share, plan for, dream about, … just to share a few minutes with during our busy, hectic lives.

    Well, in the meantime, I need to continue to read every blog you’ve ever posted in hopes of learning more about you. This may take a long time, since I want to experience each blog as if it was just posted today. This is what life is all about … developing a friendship & chemistry with someone who touches my soul, spirit, mind, heart, my entire being.

    Thank you for bringing this joy into my life. We all need someone like you. lmao And I already thought I had enough joy in my life. It goes to show that a person can never get enough happiness in one lifetime. It pays to keep on looking, since you never know what you will find around the next corner.

  3. thanks so much for your enthusiastic appreciations. It is a pleasure for me to hear that I could bring more joy to your life.
    I share things about my inner self on my blog in a way that feels rather exposed to me and so I rarely share it with my friends, only occasionally. You are getting a deep a look at me. I do show some of my poetry to the one who is my primary muse and I am happy to say that he enjoys it and he makes me feel comfortable to share these deep aspects of myself with him.
    Glad to hear that you felt resonant and inspired. It is enough satisfaction to channel a beautiful poem through from invisibility and then even more so to hear that others enjoy it too. Blessings 🙂

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