Last night I came to the bittersweet edge

of my loss, the memory of you

a changeling in the night,




Thinking of you,

this flower in my hand,

I bite down on the pithy stem,


and taste the sweet honey that oozes out.


Thinking of how you sucked

my own nectar

like honey

and left me breathless

to be devoured again.


Tonight the sky will light with the Super Moon;

it will be the moon’s closest encounter with the Earth

in a long time.


Like the moon,

you loom large and ethereal

in the firmament of my being,

magnetizing me with the force of your tidal pull,

reaching for me

across the chasm of time and space

to touch

your celestial body

once again.

4 thoughts on “Honeysuckle

  1. Very beautiful, and yet tragic at the same time. I sense the yearning of your body and heart. I hope you reunite with your lover. Such bonds are sacred, and cannot be replaced.


  2. I know it is crazy to long for a man who has already hurt me so much. And yet you know how it is — the heart and body want what they want nevertheless…

    Walk in beauty my dear 🙂

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