My Body Made of Soft Earth


My breasts bud like flowers,

my hard pink nipples brilliant stamens,

and I am fertile and blooming

with the ripeness of being alive,

my body made of soft Earth.


I hold the round crater of my hips delicately in my hands,

smooth my fingers slowly over sensitive skin,

and lightly tease my way in

towards the hidden folds and creases

between my thighs,

the deep well

of myself,

where the ground is

so wet and moist.



I am like deep forest after the rain.

A lush secret,

waiting for you to enter,

so that all

can be revealed.

15 thoughts on “My Body Made of Soft Earth

  1. Reblogged this on eroticapoetica and commented:

    Today I am celebrating the one year anniversary of eroticapoetica. 111 posts! Here is one of my absolute favorites of my poetry, My Body Made of Soft Earth.
    My blog has provided me with loads of inspiration and I love all the connections I’ve made with you beautiful and amazing people in the blogging world. Thanks to all for reading and sharing in my life and I hope you have a sexy day 😉

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