Our Two Dreams


At one time,

our two dreams fit snugly together

like grooves on a railroad track,

pointing in one singular direction.


Our journey was to a destination that we both envisioned,

one of surprising magic.


We traveled to a little hamlet across state lines,

where teapots were shaped like Aladdin’s lamp

and filled with healing brews,

and wishes were granted

in real time.


We drank medicine of the spirit

from the space between

our souls.


A fox crossed our path,

a star shot out of the sky.

One night I sang a duet of inner music with you

and the harmony of our voices

sweetened sulfurous hot springs water

and black Montana night,

and the milky patina of stars dancing overhead.


It is cliched to say

that I will love for you forever.

But I will.


Yet our trains ran off the track

and almost crashed.

Now we run on separate lines.

Maybe someday we will be reborn trolleys

and meet

in San Francisco.


Until then, I still look for you

in every old beat up blue Toyota Camry station wagon

that passes me by

on the road,

as I make my way

into the unknown

each day

on my own.

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