Red Wine


Red wine,

a kiss of the vine

touches my lips.


Nighttime pours into me

like viscous liquid

and my body becomes

tart berries, dark earth, rich magic.


Familiar longing,

a kind of drunkeness,

envelops me.


I stretch my thoughts towards yours like arms

and spark upon you in the dreaming ether,

where the hands of our minds

clasp in shared fate.


You are thinking of me too, you later tell me.

Imagining penetrating

the depths of my yearning,

entering the well of my solitude, bell-shaped like a glass,

and filling me

with your presence.


In the clear dawn of morning,

wine turns to water,

dreams to day.


I go to you

and we make love.

Naughty and Nice

I thought I’d share this one again to express my holiday spirit. Update: the recipient of my gifts was very, very pleased 😉

erotica poetica


I will be a gift to you,
one of sheer pleasure and delight.

I will leave my door open for you
like I always do,
and wait,
hidden away
in my bedroom,
where our holiday revelry
will be held.

Hearing your approaching footsteps
I can’t help but quiver with excitement,
like a giddy child waking on Christmas morning, eager for treats.
My nipples tingle and harden
and my pussy clenches and throbs;
dripping with wetness,
at the sound
of the doorknob turning,
at the sight you,
slipping stealthily
in the door.

The best things in life are free, you know,
and my love
don’t cost a thing.
I will wrap myself
in pretty lingerie for you,
festively adorn the curves of my body.

So open me up,
tear at the ribbons and bows,
peel away the coverings,
spank me if you like
for being so naughty.

Now part my thighs

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Your eyes glow
in the burning embers
of my raging heart.

I am scorched
from love’s flames,
my body branded
with the smoldering passion
of your touch.

The scent of your skin
on mine still,
like incense smoke.

Dangerous and untamed,
I am a wildfire
burning for you.