Your eyes glow
in the burning embers
of my raging heart.

I am scorched
from love’s flames,
my body branded
with the smoldering passion
of your touch.

The scent of your skin
on mine still,
like incense smoke.

Dangerous and untamed,
I am a wildfire
burning for you.

9 thoughts on “Wildfire

  1. Dear Pua Nani,
    Your words create tumbling neurons that cascade with fluent potency in the mind’s eye of one’s imagination.
    Coalescing , reforming.
    Each negative of preceding imagery layered into a portraiture of stunning beauty, form, grace and spirit.
    A stunning seductress of all of one’s senses
    Charismatic, intensely sensual, disarmingly intellectual.
    The meld of imagery and words completely captivating.
    Magnificently mesmerising
    An admirer of beauty, intellect and subliminal sensual sexuality

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