Letting Go


My heart was quaking with fear
until you took my hand,
clandestinely beneath the sheets.


I realized
you were not actually trying
to hurt me.


I released
the breath
I was holding.


I let go.


Memories of being loved washed over me,
a soft wave of
comforting impressions.
And this moment blended in,
adding its vibrant colors
to the worn tapestry,
flecked with gold
and the warmth of your touch.


I relaxed into the night,
into the dreamtime journey
unfolding within
the ark of your bed
while you silently chanted your prayers
in an ancient sacred language.


In the dark,
you cradled my backside
within the cup of your palm,
painted roses
upon my skin
in slow circles
with the trace of your fingers.


You loosed the breaths
from my lips,
throaty and full.


I moaned
and cried
as my inner self
and cracked open,
releasing The Unbearable Lightness of Being,
easing the weight
of my soul’s
dark burdens.


I let go.


That night
I felt strangely
like I could
trust you.



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