5 thoughts on “Gold Rush

  1. Very nice. I like that the there is a remembrance here instead of a complete transformation. Sometimes it just takes a remembering and not a changing.

    1. Thanks, yesterday was my birthday and this poem came through about the cycle of healing I’ve been working through in the last couple of years. I realized that the “you” in the poem was many people or even the divine spark expressing through this time and place in my life. I love your comments, they give the sense that you are really taking things in 🙂

      1. You’re welcome. Happy New Birthday! I hope you had a good one. Birthdays, I believe, are good times to refocus and look at what we need for us.

        These cycles we go through: they can be difficult but also very needed. I like the “you” as many people. Even ourselves are many individuals throughout of lives. We are constantly evolving spiritually and emotionally and intellectually. I like the way you look at poems from many different levels. There is a sensuality, yes, but a hint of something more as well: you portray a sense of humanness in your writings, I think.

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