His Dream


Pua Nani. I had a beautiful dream with you in it. I had to fall through some sort of ice, maybe like sugar glass, to land in a velvety world, like petals on a flower. You were in that world. I saw others but they were slightly out of focus. The wondrous world had all the beauty of this world without the angst, I felt. I did not venture beyond the ground I stepped onto. Quiet laughters and animal sounds, sky deep and milky and still breathtaking. I held you in an intimate way and loved you. The sheets were like smoke wafting nowhere but all around our bodies. Just before dawn, I awoke. Where is this world? Good morning, my beautiful friend.

5 thoughts on “His Dream

      1. Thanks. Im visiting L.A. today and this weekend I’ll be in Mexico! It’s starting off awesome 🙂 hope your week is fabulous too 😉

      2. You’re welcome. That’s great. You’re lucky to be in the warmth and sun. Happy you’re having a nice start to your year! Pretty good week so far. Thank you 🙂

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