We Watched A Falling Star

 I was so tender-hearted 

when I loved you,

years ago in a Northern hamlet

by a glacial lake.
My hopes for love 

were still intact then

noble and sacred edifices

constructed from an ancient narrative;

grand yet vulnerable 

like the Buddhist statues at Bamiyan

before they were destroyed.
We watched 

that star fall together,

one night when we sat

in thoughtful companionship by the lake edge.

Deer crept stealthily through the pines behind us

and we watched it

swirl across the sky 

like 4th of July fireworks,

then plummet.
Now my heart knows

what can happen

to majestic things.
Though I no longer hope

for you,

I still 



5 thoughts on “We Watched A Falling Star

  1. This is really lovely work. It’s super romantic, what’s gotten into you? As you can see, my muse still lives inside of me.

    1. Yes…Lol I was just pondering if I could write as many poems dedicated to a poet I had never met as you, and if so who I would address. An interesting conundrum

      1. You are my sole witness in this perhaps. The problem is, it’s hard to find much about this person in her work, even in her social media, it’s like writing to a ghost. A beloved ghost.

      2. I was just thinking about it, it seems it is common for you to write poems inspired by reading the works of another. I remember a series of your poems inspired by certain gurus, writers, etc. Your poetry is often related to global issues, politics, the larger world, philosophical concepts. I mostly just feel a poem coming on in relation to my own compelling life experiences, the emotions of them. I think that’s why I was intrigued the first time I saw one of your poems to Ej koh. I felt it was more personal. I wondered “who’s that? Wuji’s girlfriend?”

      3. Yes I’ve always been quite muse driven. Whether is a technological idea or a person, I don’t write about my inner being that much per se.

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