Pondering Erotica and Sex

I am still processing what happened yesterday, when I discovered that my blog was designated “mature” or “nsfw” by WordPress. Anyone who is curious about that event can take a look at the forum thread at http://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/posts-not-showing-up-in-wordpress-reader?replies=9#post-1914835

I acknowledge that my blog does contain sexual content and that some of the photos could be considered a bit risqué, though I have definitely never posted nudity or pornographic images. Anyway this incident has caused me to think more about society and sexuality and the representations thereof within our culture. Specifically I am wishing to define the difference between erotica and pornography for myself.

I should say that I have almost never even seen pornography. I know that sounds kind of bizarre for a woman who is regularly writing erotica and erotic poetry. However pornography has simply never appealed to me. What arouses me are thoughts, sensations and impressions, and not necessarily images from the media.

I have been masturbating since I was about three years old. Arousal and orgasm for me as a young child was never associated with any person or sexual act per se. It was a pathway deep inside myself to touch the divine, to feel my spiritual wholeness. Thankfully that pathway has never been compromised by any molestation, sexual abuse or experience of rape for me in this lifetime.

My first boyfriend, who I dated in high school and college, became interested in pornography at one point. I found his porn collection when I was cleaning his bedroom as a favor.

I felt uncomfortable with it. I sensed a darkness around it, a feeling of objectification, degradation.

One time he told me something that really touched me, he said “Lonely guys need pornography to be as empty as it is. If a lonely guy were to watch a movie of a woman making a beautiful meal for her husband, asking him about his day, giving supportive advice, cuddling in his arms, and making love to him, he will break emotionally.”

I understand that pornography meets a wide variety of needs and it is not always as simple as that. I do not look down on those who like pornography or use it; I simply feel it is generally lacking the depth of spiritual connection and artistic inspiration that can be present within sexual experience.

I have tried in my erotica and erotic poetry to share my own perspective on sex, the holistic depth of it, the emotional, spiritual aspects, the connection to other humans, the connection to nature. I share my writing to express myself and if it touches others and creates the space within the mind to weave sensuality and sexuality into a more fully integrated tapestry within the psyche, then that pleases me.

I can understand the position of WordPress related to the Reader. A person could easily be searching a topic like Christianity and end up looking at a pic of my boobs and a poem about about a sacrosanct tryst https://eroticapoetica.wordpress.com/2013/10/25/the-temple-of-the-mother/. Yet to me this is not necessarily wrong. This is spiritual and artistic expression. This is my truth. Even if it’s not necessarily safe for work…

Eroticapoetica Flagged By WordPress

Dear friends, I just discovered that my lil labor of love, eroticapoetica, has been flagged by wordpress as “Mature” or “NSFW.”  What this means is that although my posts still get published, and still appear in the WordPress Reader of my followers, they are not appearing in the general Reader where one can view topics by tags.  That means that new readers would be hard pressed to find my posts.  From now on, I will be posting all of my posts here on http://www.eroticapoetica.wordpress.com as well as my other blog http://www.innerworldofpuanani.wordpress.com

I invite you all to follow me at http://www.innerworldofpuanani.wordpress.com if you haven’t already.

Now this news certainly makes me pout.  I find it kind of strange that this happened.  Though my blog is “mature” and contains sexual content, I never post full nudity or pornographic images.  I try to keep my pictures tasteful and subtle and I consider my content to be wholesome and holistic in its portrayal of the sensual aspects of life.  Certainly there are blogs that are far more explicit or vulgar in their content that are still appearing in the topics on WordPress Reader.  So why was mine flagged? Who knows, the mysteries of life…