We Watched A Falling Star

 I was so tender-hearted 

when I loved you,

years ago in a Northern hamlet

by a glacial lake.
My hopes for love 

were still intact then

noble and sacred edifices

constructed from an ancient narrative;

grand yet vulnerable 

like the Buddhist statues at Bamiyan

before they were destroyed.
We watched 

that star fall together,

one night when we sat

in thoughtful companionship by the lake edge.

Deer crept stealthily through the pines behind us

and we watched it

swirl across the sky 

like 4th of July fireworks,

then plummet.
Now my heart knows

what can happen

to majestic things.
Though I no longer hope

for you,

I still 





Naipes or tarot or fortune cookie,

I scour the scry of my heart

for news of you, beloved.



I read you like a story

in the reflective looking glass

of life’s mirror.


For me you fashioned new cards

and each night

cast a spread.


Wisdom flowed through your hands

from invisible realms,

so naturally.


You saw deeper even

than I could,

deep inside

the holographic heart

of Tao itself.


You saw deer whispering through the dark pines;

you saw a shooting star

falling over Coeur D’Alene Lake,



Now I am still waiting

for the future

that was foretold,

the one

of you.


You know me.

I am

an insatiable reader

waiting for this love poem

to be written

and hoping

it will never end.