The sinewed shape of your muscles
imprinted against my soft skin,
molding it finely
to the hard pattern of you.

I wanted only
to hold you in my arms,
as we treaded water together
through the dark current
of dreamtime,
for you to anchor me
against the undertow
of the Unconscious.

But the tides were strong.

I hit a snag
within that treacherous sea,
and crashed against the rocks,
emerging barnacled by lucid fate,
into the harsh wake
of wakefulness.

You left
because I was snoring.

Red Wine


Red wine,

a kiss of the vine

touches my lips.


Nighttime pours into me

like viscous liquid

and my body becomes

tart berries, dark earth, rich magic.


Familiar longing,

a kind of drunkeness,

envelops me.


I stretch my thoughts towards yours like arms

and spark upon you in the dreaming ether,

where the hands of our minds

clasp in shared fate.


You are thinking of me too, you later tell me.

Imagining penetrating

the depths of my yearning,

entering the well of my solitude, bell-shaped like a glass,

and filling me

with your presence.


In the clear dawn of morning,

wine turns to water,

dreams to day.


I go to you

and we make love.

Time Passes As Wind

Like birds, we fly free
from each moment
we find ourselves perched within.

Time passes as wind
blowing through trees.

One day I lay curled within the nest
of your warm embrace.
Hatched the delicate blossoming
of my love
like a fragile pale blue egg.
And within the shyly forming shell,
grew dreams,
rich and sunny like yolks.

I could not help but harbor
those fledglings;
nurture them
beneath my careful wings.

Midwife them into being with my will.

Yet even if they live…
with time they’ll still fly away.

Dream Annex Within the House of My Heart



: to add (an area or region) to a country, state, etc. : to take control of (a territory or place)

1:  to attach as a quality, consequence, or condition

archaic :  to join together materially :  unite

:  to add to something earlier, larger, or more important
:  to incorporate (a country or other territory) within the domain of a state
:  to obtain or take for oneself

Somehow you became annexed

within the house of my heart.


I spent one evening with you

that ended with us lying in bed,

entwined in each other’s warm arms.


That night I soared

on wings of sleep

through a rambling series of dreams

in which you made me laugh,

entertained me with anecdotes

and did not leave me.


I woke the next morning

to find you had moved in

to my inner world.


Now you are dwelling within me

like a part of myself

and I do not know

if I am dreaming you

or you are dreaming me.

Our Two Dreams


At one time,

our two dreams fit snugly together

like grooves on a railroad track,

pointing in one singular direction.


Our journey was to a destination that we both envisioned,

one of surprising magic.


We traveled to a little hamlet across state lines,

where teapots were shaped like Aladdin’s lamp

and filled with healing brews,

and wishes were granted

in real time.


We drank medicine of the spirit

from the space between

our souls.


A fox crossed our path,

a star shot out of the sky.

One night I sang a duet of inner music with you

and the harmony of our voices

sweetened sulfurous hot springs water

and black Montana night,

and the milky patina of stars dancing overhead.


It is cliched to say

that I will love for you forever.

But I will.


Yet our trains ran off the track

and almost crashed.

Now we run on separate lines.

Maybe someday we will be reborn trolleys

and meet

in San Francisco.


Until then, I still look for you

in every old beat up blue Toyota Camry station wagon

that passes me by

on the road,

as I make my way

into the unknown

each day

on my own.