You passed me
on the road
and our dreams
brushed shoulders.

I saw you wave,
but black sunglasses
covered your eyes.
I could not read
the tarot spread
of your gaze.

I wonder
If you carry me with you,
if you hold me still,
a sweet memory,
in your thoughts.

If like me,
you consider the possibilities…

You could fasten yourself
inside my life
like a key
fits in a lock.
we could enter
a garden of earthly pleasures.

how you would shine
through the darkness
of your nights,
with my love
wrapped around you
like a halo.

There is no limit to redemption.
Even for devils like you.

So don’t just drive away.

For God’s sake,
take me
with you.

Love Potion


My love potion is made of:

geranium, mandarin orange, lemon, cardamom, sandalwood, patchouli, ylang ylang, and jasmine oils,

as well as other ingredients:

wistful hope,

cunning need,

fearful longing,

the surprising perseverance

of an oft-broken heart.


I am an uncommon sorceress,

love my only spell.

I will weave my dazzling web of dreams

for you to catch upon.

And once you do,


let the games begin.


You must be terribly manly

to arouse my seductive passions.

But if you charm me,

I will take you

against my bosom like an eternal mother — a cute little mamacita, that is,

and hold you there in the thrall

of luscious pleasure,

spreading the length of my curves against you,

touching you

in all the right places.


I will feast upon you lavishly, leaving no part of you untasted,

open the mouth of myself wide for you,

swallow you heartily down.


I will cook you your favorite foods.

My tongue will fill your ear

with kind words of encouragement,

with decadent flattery,


your ego.


I will make myself delicious to you.

Soon you will begin to crave me

on your tongue.

You will become addicted

to my love.


So drink a sip of my love potion.


Then let the games begin…