You Are So Earthy


Your eyes shine like obsidian

in the candlelight

of my bedroom.

Coal black,

lit with warmth,

reflecting the lush darkness

of night.


You are so earthy.


Your masculinity is like a lodestone,

rock hard, magnetic.

I draw you into the deep well of my longing,

the liquid expanse,

feel you drop your anchor

into the soft wetness of my body,

pull me downwards, like the tide,

into the depths.


Your power shakes me up.


You are seismic.

I am shuddering, vibrating

with rich tremors

and sensual eruptions,

releasing heat and sparks of pleasure

that radiate from my core outward

to the volatile surface

of my skin.


You are so strong.


You touch me deeper,

fill me,

crack me open,

rift me,

take me into your fiery underworld,

carry me across turbulent rivers of flowing magma, molten lava,

until I reach

the crest of breaking dawn

and my own bright internal sun shines

like an aurora borealis,





like a star

through the heavens.

She is Like Honey


She is like honey,

oozing sweetness.


A pulsing star

within the vast galaxy of her own body;

ready to fall through the sky,

to dissolve into everything…


Knotted with yearning,

waiting for the warmth of his humanness

to unwind her

from the tangle

of herself.


She spreads her thighs apart

and arches her back,

hips curved up.

Allows her innermost self to be rocked

within the plush cradle of his mouth,

to be caressed by his patient tongue.

To be licked,

so wet.


She is purring now.

Ready to reveal her secrets.

His fingers speak to her first in whispers.

Then more loudly,

build to a crescendo

of sighs,




She breaks like a storm,

full of tears and windy breaths,

emotions that release

from the clouds of her body

like raindrops,

flooding out of her breasts and hips

as she falls slack against him.


Again she is like honey,

oozing sweetness.