Fabulous Gutter Blogger


I was tickled with delight recently to have the dubiously illustrious title of Fabulous Gutter Blogger bestowed upon me by Ms. Pussy of the Cliterary Review http://www.cliteraryreview.com.  She so kindly said of my little blog eroticapoetica: “Erotic poetry at its best.  A truly sensual experience in highbrow gutter. ;) And yes, that is a compliment!”

Thanks, darling.    Ms. Pussy also offered a little background to the concept of “gutter blogging” which has apparently garnered its own definition from Urban Dictionary, which I will quote for you here (since I love the cleverness so often displayed on UD):

“A member of the blogging niche that writes, reads, and discusses topics related to relationships, sex, kink, sexual perversity. Basically, really enjoys talking about… fucking.”

So, yesss…I sure do love to write about fucking, but in my own delicately highbrow way, of course.  My brows just don’t really go all that low.  They never have.  To be honest I am hopelessly intellectual and also an eternal romantic; I love to romance the prose of life into poetry.

The lovely Ms. Pussy passed along some juicy questions for each recipient of this award.  She also suggested that each thank the person who nominated you, cite your favorite post from their site, and link to their blog, which I just did above, like a good little girl.

The questions are:

1) What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?

2) What do you now know about sex that you wish you’d have known earlier in life?

3) Is there any gutter fantasy you’d like to try?(tell us what it is)

4)What’s the funniest bedroom situation you’ve ever been in?

5) Has gutter blogging taught you anything?

6) What is your favorite post from the person who nominated you?

So I will start with praising beautiful Ms. Pussy of Cliterary Review before I plunge into the gutter depths of my own psyche.  I really love a lot of her posts, as she tends to beautifully illuminate some of the underlying feelings and power dynamics that so engage our emotions in our erotic scenarios, but I think my favorite right now is Chocolate Musings http://www.cliteraryreview.com/2013/04/01/chocolate-musings/, as let’s face it I am obsessed with food and sex and all the metaphorical relationships between the two.  You could say I am orally fixated.  Yet I am not easily pleased; I am a snobby gourmet with a very discerning palate and Pussy’s offerings are like no standard candy bar that you can buy at the convenience store, they are quite refined and sumptuous.

Now as to the kinkiest thing I’ve ever done, this was a bit of a hard one for me, as though I love a good spanking as much as the next girl, I’m really not a very kinky person per se.  A couple of things came to mind but the one I will share was: one time my partner slid my g-string inside my pussy and pressed his fingers in and played with it, and then pulled it out and wrapped the string on his tongue and kissed me with it, so that we were both licking it.  He gets off on eating body fluids like that.  Very tantric.  I like panties, and of course I get off on pleasing him.  That’s just my vanilla-style naturally submissive nature.  I love to please my man.

There are many things that I now know about sex that I wish I had known earlier in life, but I think the most important thing for me was about having an orgasm during sex.  When I was younger, I used to fake orgasms because I could not figure out how to get myself to come during sex.  Then finally with one boyfriend I was really comfortable with, I had the courage to try touching myself the way I do when I masturbate while he was fucking me.  Oooh it worked!  And so I share my experience with the hope that it will empower others to create a comfortable space for themselves with their partners in which they can truly explore what gives them pleasure, sans shame and inhibition.

As to gutter fantasies that I’d like to try, I am finding that for me what is truly erotic is mystery, anticipation, something slightly withheld but hinted at, pleasures slowly revealed and then more fully indulged in.  I recently read of the concept of “festival time” or an experience of time that unfolds outside of ordinary reality and the day to day world, a state in which you are suspended in the thrall of hedonistic pleasures with no care to the clock.  I want to go into the bedroom with my partner and enter “festival time” and very slowly and subtly tease each other into greater states of pleasure.  Massage each other with hot oils, with hot stones, with crystal wands, tickle each other with feathers, listen to sensual music, fill the room with luscious scents, lick and taste every part of our bodies, and…well…you get the idea…

The funniest bedroom situation that I’ve ever been in?  Was maybe when I was fucking a guy and all of  a sudden he had a seizure.  That was crazy.  After that he told me I was too intense for him, and he could not have sex with me again.  He was a bipolar punk rocker.  I guess he just couldn’t handle a woman this powerful.

Now as to the question of whether “gutter blogging” has taught me anything, that is an interesting one.  I started writing erotic poetry to channel my feelings about one particular partner that I have had a very intense sexual and emotional relationship with.  At first I just sent him the poems that came and he got all turned on by them and flattered me by saying that I should submit my poetry to Playboy magazine.  I made a blog instead, though I did not expect anyone to read it and so was pleasantly surprised when you beautiful readers started appearing and liking and commenting and following etc.  Then I broke up with that guy and dated another guy for a time and some poems came through that were inspired by being with him.  Then like an idiot he broke up with me and the first guy inevitably was begging to return to my bed.  A lot for me to process emotionally, but blogging allowed me to step outside of the emotional space of the relationships to some degree and own my experiences and my perspectives as mine.  To define myself as a sensual woman outside of the context of one partner, one relationship.  To flirt with creating my own image of myself.

So that’s a little bit about me, now here, without further adieu, are my chosen nominees for Fabulous Gutter Blogger Award so I can pay the love forward:

1. Magenta Nero http://www.magentanero.wordpress.com

I absolutely love this blog, such graceful poetry and prose, exploring the darkness and light hidden within the individual and collective unconscious.

2. Sex and the Shameless http://www.sexandtheshameless.wordpress.com

This blog is a delicious pleasure to read, like a serial novel; it reminds me of a gutter version of Bridget Jones Diary, well written, thoughtful and clever.

3. Black Satin http://www.jacquezyon.wordpress.com

Spiritual, sensual, thoughtful, insightful erotic poetry and prose blog.  A poet like this is my weakness. I can tell that when it comes to seduction, he is armed and dangerous.

4. Mitzihell  www.mitzihell.wordpress.com

This blog is so sassy, funny, sexy and awesome.

So love to all y’all and thanks for inspiring me and supporting me.

— Pua Nani