Eroticapoetica Flagged By WordPress

Dear friends, I just discovered that my lil labor of love, eroticapoetica, has been flagged by wordpress as “Mature” or “NSFW.”  What this means is that although my posts still get published, and still appear in the WordPress Reader of my followers, they are not appearing in the general Reader where one can view topics by tags.  That means that new readers would be hard pressed to find my posts.  From now on, I will be posting all of my posts here on as well as my other blog

I invite you all to follow me at if you haven’t already.

Now this news certainly makes me pout.  I find it kind of strange that this happened.  Though my blog is “mature” and contains sexual content, I never post full nudity or pornographic images.  I try to keep my pictures tasteful and subtle and I consider my content to be wholesome and holistic in its portrayal of the sensual aspects of life.  Certainly there are blogs that are far more explicit or vulgar in their content that are still appearing in the topics on WordPress Reader.  So why was mine flagged? Who knows, the mysteries of life…