The Next Level of Naughtiness

I love it
when you envelop me
in the cloth of your fantasies
and tie me up
with the strings
of your desires
until I am
warm and flushed
in the heat of the night.

I wake naked,
lounging in bed
pink and dewy,
blushing from the rudeness
of a dream,
waiting for you
to lift me
in your strong manly arms
to the next level
of naughtiness.

Naughty and Nice

I thought I’d share this one again to express my holiday spirit. Update: the recipient of my gifts was very, very pleased 😉

erotica poetica


I will be a gift to you,
one of sheer pleasure and delight.

I will leave my door open for you
like I always do,
and wait,
hidden away
in my bedroom,
where our holiday revelry
will be held.

Hearing your approaching footsteps
I can’t help but quiver with excitement,
like a giddy child waking on Christmas morning, eager for treats.
My nipples tingle and harden
and my pussy clenches and throbs;
dripping with wetness,
at the sound
of the doorknob turning,
at the sight you,
slipping stealthily
in the door.

The best things in life are free, you know,
and my love
don’t cost a thing.
I will wrap myself
in pretty lingerie for you,
festively adorn the curves of my body.

So open me up,
tear at the ribbons and bows,
peel away the coverings,
spank me if you like
for being so naughty.

Now part my thighs

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So Naughty


You set me ablaze today.

I was stoked

by the glint of excitement in your eye

when you came

into my bedroom

and saw me

lying supine on the bed,

wearing only my panties,

my breasts bared for you,

full and aching, nipples erect and pink,


in delicious heat

for your manly touch.


You pounced upon me

like a wolf,

eating and licking.

You were an animal,

feral and hungry.

Your voice

a low growl

in my ear.


You have made me so naughty.


You have ruined me

for other men.


You have perhaps never been

so tasty

as you were today.


You are a fire

that burns through my dreams

razing everything

in its wake.